Yorthwood is a Card Battler Coming to iOS on March 15th

Hyperthought Games has actually announced Lingo Legend. It’s basically a language learning app. That lets users play games as well as learn new languages at the same time. Along with the launch of Lingo Legend, the first game on the platform will be Yorthwood. A card-battling RPG that also lets you beat monsters as well as learn words at the same time. You guys have to read this article to know all about Yorthwood is a Card Battler Coming to iOS on March 15th. Let’s begin!

It is now coming to iOS on March 15th, Yorthwood will now be the first of many games planned for the Lingo Legend app. Since games will be utilized as teaching platforms. The idea is just to keep learners motivated enough to continue their educational pursuits. Whenever having fun at the same time as well.

In Yorthwood, players will be able to build their decks and battle fearsome monsters is actually a colorful world. Each card will actually have its own unique abilities – as such, players also must be able to answer language challenges. In order to play their drawn cards against their enemies as well. Players will also be able to craft different weapons, just engage in a deep storyline as well as customize their camp as well.

Yorthwood is a Card Battler Coming to iOS on March 15th

Learning a language is just like a marathon, and people burn out as they don’t have a strategy for staying motivated over the long haul. Unlike many other language apps that tack on gamification, Lingo Legend puts gaming first. So, it’s a low-pressure environment for learners to genuinely have fun whenever applying their skills,” says Hannah Wright, Co-Founder of Hyperthought Games as well.

Lingo Legend will now soon expand its roster of games in the next few months, along with monthly challenges and leaderboards in order to keep learners interested. For now, you guys can visit the official website in order to stay updated on all the latest developments. As well as have a look at the embedded trailer above in order to get a feel of the game. You guys can join the community of followers over on the official Twitter page in order to stay updated on all the latest developments as well.


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