Unreal Life is Available Now Available on Android

Unreal Life is a really beautiful adventure game about an amnesiac girl and a talking traffic light. It is actually pixel-arted up to the max, it’s got a deeply emotional story and also you guys can grab it from the Play Store right now. You guys have to read this article to know all about Gorgeous Point-and-Click Adventure Unreal Life is Available Now. Let’s now start!

The game basically sees you playing as Hal, who wakes up in a locked apartment along with no idea of what’s really going on. She can just only remember a name – Miss Sakura. It’s up to you to find her and then figure out what’s going on. Hal can also connect along with the memories of objects, which is key to solving the various puzzles the game throws at you as well. You guys have to compare those memories to the present in order to find clues. Well, here’s a trailer.

Gorgeous Point-and-Click Adventure Unreal Life is Available Now

The game basically has four different endings, and the one that you get will rely on the choices that you make as you play. We already mentioned the talking traffic light who’s also your companion, right? Unreal Life is actually a premium game and it’ll also set you guys back $6.99. You can click here in order to download it from the Play Store right this second, and we also reckon it’s worth some of your precious time.

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Unreal Life, the famous indie game along with such accolades as the “New Faces Award” from the Japan Media Arts Festival, is now finally available on iPhone and iPad! Let’s just travel a beautiful pixel-art world in the company of a talking traffic light as well. This is actually one of the first titles from the indie game label “Yokaze”. That brings you games that draw you into their world with their atmosphere as well as emotional experiences.


Puzzle-adventure gameplay:
  • Control the girl called Hal and then explore a beautiful pixel-art world
  • Hal can actually read the memories of the things she touches
  • Compare memories and the present in order to solve puzzles

Multiple endings:

  • There are basically four different endings to the story
  • Your actions will also influence the ending

[You’ll like Unreal Life if…]

  • If, you like adventure games
  • You want to lose yourself in a beautiful world as well
  • Also, you want to forget about real life for a while
  • You love beautifully detailed pixel-art as well


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