Undecember Reaches 3 Million Pre-Registrations

Well, we actually have been banging on about Undecember for a while now. And, if anything, it’s much more apt now, as it’s definitely not December. And since pre-registration actually went live a couple of weeks ago, it is already been pre-ordered 3 million times as well.

Well, the game looks order to take a lot of its cues from the likes of Diablo. You guys are trawling via enemies, scooping up a new gear as well as learning new skills. Which is actually a rhythm a lot of guys are going to enjoy. The multiple millions of pre-registration are across Google Play and Steam, however, it is still an impressive number as well. Let’s all now take a moment and watch a trailer for Undecember now, shall we?

Well, in much other news, the game is all set to launch in South Korea on January 13th. You guys can also expect a global rollout for Undecember in the first quarter of 2022 as well. So not much longer to wait. If you guys want to join the ranks of the pre-registered as well. You guys can tap here in order to do just that on the Play Store. And if you guys want more information about Undecember, tap on here in order to check out its official website.

Undecember Reaches 3 Million Pre-Registrations

UNCHANGED – Unchanged Values

  • Immersive storyline and growth via hunting and farming
  • Capturing both the fun and the excitement, whenever pursuing the unchanged values of an RPG


  • Venture through countless maps along with diverse themes
  • And just experience the unexpected thrills from combat

UNLIMITED – Limitless Skills

  • Surpass the limit via creating thousands of
  • skill combinations from varieties of Skill and also Link Runes

UNDEFINED – Freedom of Style

  • Rather than choosing a class, enjoy building up
  • your own character that is based on combat style as well

UNSTOPPABLE – Endless Contents

  • From Raids to Guild Battlegrounds actually!
  • Just test your limits through multiple available contents

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