Total War: Medieval II Coming to Android This Spring

Feral Interactive has now announced that it is bringing its middle-aged strategy classic Total War: Medieval II to the Play Store later this year actually. Knights and arrows are a-go-go actually.

This sequel basically adds new layers of complexity to the template set down via the original. You guys are building settlements and dealing along with state affairs here. And there are much more sophisticated campaign mechanics.

There are a lot of tweaks to the UI in order to make the gameplay brilliantly on mobile. When we have come to expect from Feral’s strategy ports. You guys are going to be fighting across three different continents. Also trying to forge an empire that basically stretches from the squelchy mud of western Europe to the Arabian desert as well.

Total War: Medieval II is all set to launch on Android in Spring 2022. And you guys will be the first to know whenever we hear about a more concrete release date and also a price point for this one as well.

Total War: Medieval II

It is really simple. You guys play the grand campaign as one of the many historic factions of the late middle ages, from Britain via Venice to Moors as well. Your goal is just to capture 45 regions plus one of the special cities such as Rome as well as Jerusalem. That relies on the faction. In parallel, you have to raise armies, just build and maintain your cities. Keep the people happy along with low taxes and religion. Escape the scrutiny of the Inquisition if you guys happen to be playing as one of the Catholic nations. You can defeat the Mongol invasion, and also destroy your rivals, from rebels to fickle and also avaricious neighbors as well.

Deep breath. In a turn-based system along with separate strategy as well as battle action. You guys work your magic, charm, and cunning. You also have diplomats in order to strike trade agreements and alliances, princesses to woe foreign nobility. Also, spies to keep an eye on dodgy enemies, and also assassins in order to take care of personae, non grata, i.e. Anyone you guys don’t really like. You can also raise extra capital via merchants, and convert folks to your religion along with priests. As you guys can actually imagine, this is basically a central piece of the game. So you guys can’t neglect the ecclesiastical duties lest your folk rebels against you.

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If you like it or not, in the end, your hand will be forced. And it’s actually the most delightful part of the game. Yes, it’s really fun doing the entire OCD catalog inventory management thingie. There you go through the building manifest of each region that you control. And you also make sure everything’s super tidy and whatnot, however, in the end, MTW2 is all about slaying your foe actually. You guys can let AI determine the outcome of battles. However, in most situations, you will do better by fighting yourself. Especially if the odds are matched as well as stacked against you.

What I really like to do is just send a slightly under-strength army against a lot of enemies. In order to see if I can actually beat them through cunning. Normally, you guys have an advantage if you guys are defending. Just like you can array your troops before even the battle starts – not if you guys are ambushed, though. If you guys are fighting along with ordinary troops – no general as well as nobles. Then if you guys really excel in combat, army commanders can also be promoted as well as even accepted in your family, which basically adds street credit to your ruler.


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