Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games of 2022

Well, we’ve got our list of the ten best Nintendo Switch games of 2021. If you guys have different games on your list or also have them arranged in a different order. Then that would be a really normal thing. Ultimately, lists such as these are a way to share our good experiences with others, and also help each other find cool new games to play. 

Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games of 2022

Monster Hunter Rise ($59.99)

It’s always really nice to see what a top-shelf name such as Capcom can do. Whenever it really pushes a piece of hardware, also Monster Hunter Rise shows off the developer’s talents in fine form. However, it’s not just a pretty face. It draws on elements of Monster Hunter World and then mashes them up along with a more classic framework. Whenever tossing in a few new ideas for good measure. It actually finds an excellent balance between accessibility and the crunchier aspects of the series and is a really great game to play. If you are a veteran or a newcomer actually. 

Along with an impressive-looking expansion on the way next year, there’s actually no better time to get into Monster Hunter Rise

Tetris Effect: Connected ($39.99)

Enhance Games actually knows how you can tease the senses, and whenever that aesthetic style is applied to an all-time classic such as Tetris? Wow. And indeed, Tetris Effect: Connected is actually the sort of thing that makes your mouth hang open just like some old cartoon character. It actually looks amazing. It sounds spectacular as well. And it feels sensational. With its variety of modes, options, as well as multiplayer features. This is a game that will also keep you entranced for hours on end. It just simply must be experienced to believe.

Metroid Dread ($59.99)

Metroid Dread was basically introduced as Metroid 5, and that alone made it really worth getting excited about. Developer MercurySteam had also done great work with its remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus, however, there was no telling if it would be able to create a brand new original game along with the same level of quality. It just turns out any fears were unfounded, as Metroid Dread lived up to the name and reputation of the series pretty well. 

It also carefully fans the spark of fear that the SA-X in Metroid Fusion actually generated into a full-blown raging fire as well. And some of its set-pieces have to be seen to be believed as well. On top of that, it actually seems to have found a solid audience. With any luck, that also means we won’t really have to wait twenty years for Metroid 6.

Shin Megami Tensei V ($59.99)

While we didn’t really wait quite as long for Shin Megami Tensei V as we did for Metroid Dread. The game announces at the unveiling of the Nintendo Switch itself before even going quiet for a long while. Then it finally popped its head back up in July of 2020, however, just barely. Indeed, many of the games remained unknown until this year. Whenever the full measure of the game was finally revealed, then it was really an eye-opener. 

Well, Shin Megami Tensei V is easily the most ambitious game in the series yet. Presenting a huge world to explore along with demons roaming around in full sight. Imaginative, challenging, and also full of fascinating systems in order to explore. This is an RPG that fans of the genre will not really want to miss.

The House in Fata Morgana: Dreams of the Revenants Edition ($39.99)

If you guys are into visual novels, then you absolutely have to play The House in Fata Morgana, no doubt about it actually. It basically offers a wild ride via an amazingly well-written story along with more twists, turns, and also mysteries than you guys can shake a spirit at. You have to recover your memories along with the help of an enigmatic maid. Traveling through time to a lot of eras of the mansion’s past in order to piece together your past. A top-shelf localization basically delivers the story with aplomb. And the art and music are up to the task of standing up to the narrative as well.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin ($59.99)

An unlikely sequel, however, certainly a welcome one. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin gives us an alternate viewpoint on the world of Monster Hunter actually. One where some of the Monsties can be decidedly cuter as well as cuddlier. The adventure is the real fun, the battles are interesting enough, and also the presentation is exceptional. There are a lot of great RPGs you guys can dig into, however, make sure that you don’t skip on this one. It just feels unlikely we’ll see a third.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles ($39.99)

A lot of time to go forward, you just have to go back. The Ace Attorney series actually makes its return along with this collection of the two Great Ace Attorney games. That was previously released on the Nintendo 3DS in just Japan only. The courtroom antics head back to the late 19th century, where an ancestor of Phoenix Wright actually travels to England and then meets an eccentric detective named Herlock Sholmes. The usual shenanigans happen, and you’ll need to solve many cases via sleuthing and logical deduction. Both of the included games are really great, and the top-notch localization also helps the setting shine.

No More Heroes III ($59.99)

No More Heroes III is, just like the previous games, not really for everyone. It’s kinda silly. It’s meta. And crass too. It’s clunky. Also, it’s cool. It’s an open-world game along with a world that’s almost a chore. Well, Melee combat is a huge part of the gameplay too, however, it’s not as slick as well as smooth as the Bayonettas and also Devil May Crys of the globe. Somehow this mess comes together into a unique, over-the-top, as well as roller coaster of cheese and pure rad.


You guys should have just enough time to catch upright. And that’s my list, folks. Now, I would absolutely love to see your personal favorites games. Please let me know in the comments so we can all see your favorite Switch games. Have a happy New Year everyone, and forever and always too, thanks for reading!

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