Tireur De Couleur with pre-orders now open for iOS

Coded [ ] Art has now announced the upcoming release of Tireur De Couleur. That is a really colorful action game along with minimalist visuals. It is now coming to iOS devices on February 3rd. The game basically features action-based gameplay along with intuitive controls players can also get into without a UI.

In Tireur De Couleur, players can also expect to engage in innovative gameplay. Since they navigate via this colorful endless space shooter as well. There will be infinite levels where players will also need to hunt down opponents and then pick the most efficient weapons. In order to survive for as long as they possibly can as well. In order to hit that high score, then you’ll need to kill as many enemies as you guys can as well as choose the right color in order to get rid of your foes.

Levels are procedurally generated, and refueling actually has an added mechanic of rotating your device at the right moment too. Navigation is also simple enough along with intuitive two-finger controls. All this is set in actually a vibrant and abstract world where shapes, as well as shades, collide.

Pre-orders for Tireur De Couleur are now open on the iOS App Store as well. It is actually a premium title that basically costs $1.99 a pop or your local equivalent. Along with no ads or in-app purchases. You can head on over to the official website in order to stay updated on all the latest developments. As well as take a little sneak peek at the embedded gameplay trailer above in order to get a feel of the colorful title’s vibes and mechanics actually. From the video clip, it does also look to be a visually pleasing game along with a funky soundtrack you guys can enjoy while on the go.

Tireur De Couleur

Your perception will also be sharpened in this special endless space shooter. On infinite levels, you hunt a lot of opponents and you don’t just need to be a good shooter. You also have to quickly select the right weapon beforehand. The aim is just to survive as long as possible and achieve a really high score via killing many enemies. This game basically needs all your concentration and skill. Since you guys have to position your device correctly at the right moment in order to refuel your ship as well. You fly via beautiful abstract worlds as well as experience impressive color explosions.

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  • Action-based as well as innovative gameplay
  • Infinite fun too
  • Minimal and also extraordinary design or graphics
  • Intuitive controls without even a UI
  • Highscore System as well


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