The Impossible Game 2 Out Now on the Play Store

Well, Fancy setting yourself a challenge this week? Then just why not try and beat The Impossible Game 2. After all, the super-tricky platforming sequel has just landed on the Play Store now. You guys have to read this article to know all about The Impossible Game 2 Out Now on the Play Store. Let’s now start!

This time around there are 20 different levels in order to work your way through, just spread out across four different worlds. Each of those worlds has a fiendish boss battle in order to cap things off. There’s also a battle royale-style mode that actually sees 60 players working their way across the same challenge. The last square standing actually wins. Hey, shall we also take a moment and just watch a trailer?

The Impossible Game 2 Out Now on the Play Store

You guys get all of that stuff for free, and there are no ads. There is a one-off IAP that basically unlocks a new level, a level editor, and some cosmetic options, though. If you guys want more, differently attired punishment as well.

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If you guys want to give The Impossible Game 2 a go, you guys can tap on here in order to download it from the Play Store. There’s just the one IAP like we said, and there’s also no pay-to-win gubbins.

Your 12-year wait is now over: the original rhythm platform game is now back! You can just test your skills with all-new levels, online battle royale, and much more.
  • ALL-NEW LEVELS featuring awesome music and crazy new mechanics such as guns and portals. Click to jump, fly and shoot your way through four worlds. Each along with a unique theme and an intense boss battle.
  • ONLINE BATTLE ROYALE with more than sixty players at once. Will you guys come out on top?
  • DESIGN YOUR OWN LEVELS along with an easy-to-use level editor containing (almost) each and every mechanic seen in the rest of the game. Infinite possibilities await!
  • AN AWESOME SOUNDTRACK featuring music from Panda Eyes, Nitro Fun, MDK, and many more as well.

More than 20 levels and online multiplayer are absolutely free. NO ads as well as pay-to-win. You guys can unlock cosmetic features and level editor items, plus bonus level “Cloud 9”, along with a paid Achievement Pass.


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