Blacken Slash coming soon on Android and iOS

Blacken Slash

Blacken Slash is basically an upcoming mobile game that also has elements from multiple genres. Such as strategy, hack and slash, roguelike, and much more. It also has been created via Mario “ehmprah” Kaiser, known for working on the very famous tower defense game Core Defence. Currently, Blacken Slash’s demo version is also available on … Read more

Graffiti Smash is Out on Play Store Now

Graffiti Smash

Fancy spraying some paint around a variety of dungeons in just a primary-colored arcade blast? Then you guys should definitely consider giving Graffiti Smash ago. It’s actually out right now on the Play Store. You are controlling a hunter, pulling back and also releasing to send them careening around the screen also. Whenever they hit … Read more

I’m A Puzzle’s Library of Jigsaws is Coming to Android and iOS

The Library of Jigsaws is the perfect game actually. It’s totally scalable, from the adorable two-piece ones. That toddlers also play along with the mind-melting, double-sided, thousand-piece monsters that true aficionados just work on for weeks at a time. I’m A Puzzle, the vast online jigsaw compendium from Unwind Media, it covers the full spectrum, … Read more