Hex-Based Surreal Strategy Game Phobies Out Now for Android

So, earlier in the year, we introduced you to Phobies, a deck-building, turn-based strategy game that is set in the human psyche. Well, now the game is also available to download from the Play Store. You guys have to read this article to know all about Hex-Based Surreal Strategy Game Phobies Out Now for Android. Let’s now start!

The game is being developed via a team of veterans who actually worked on the original Company of Heroes game. And sees you guys battling it out across weird, hex-based levels as well. It basically features both PvE and PvP modes, along with the multiplayer experience. That is also offering both real-time and asychronous play. Here’s a trailer for you guys in order to peruse at your leisure. Or it’s leisure as well.

Hex-Based Surreal Strategy Game Phobies Out Now for Android

There are 120 different units in order to collect as you play, a lot of regular quests and challenges you can try and complete. And cross-platform play basically lets you pick up the same game on your phone or PC. If you fancy giving the game a go, then you can click here in order to download Phobies from the Play Store right this second. It’s absolutely free in order to play with IAP.

From the industry veterans who actually brought you Company of Heroes and Age of Empires. Castle Siege, comes Phobies, Smoking Gun Interactive’s new really terrifying collectible card game! Just summon your worst fears and then use their abilities to seize control of perilous environments as well. Wield a masterful strategy as well as outsmart all players who dare challenge you in an asynchronous battle as well as an arena.

You have to collect up to 120 powerful and mischievous Phobies inspired via your most irrational fears. Evolve your strategies as you guys unlock new fears and abilities. Just level up your Phobies in order to give them an added edge in battle.

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  • COLLECT FEARSOME PHOBIES: Overpower your opponents via unlocking and upgrading your favorite Phobies. Along with an army of terrifying Phobies at your beck and then call you are sure to win any battle.
  • MASTER TACTICAL GAMEPLAY: You can plan your strategy around hex-based environments. Utilize tactical positioning across spine-chilling terrains in order to gain an upper hand on your opponents.
  • REFINE YOUR STRATEGY: Utilize the practice mode in order to test out and further refine your strategies before using them on your unsuspecting victims as well.
  • TEST YOUR WITS IN CHALLENGE MODE: Are you in need of a quick brainteaser? Just try out the PvE challenge mode containing many puzzles and objectives in order to sharpen your wits.
  • PLAY WITH YOUR FRENEMIES: Add as well as duel your friends in asynchronous PvP battles. That is actually one way to put them in their place!
  • EXPERIENCE ASYNCHRONOUS BATTLE: Take your horror show to the masses via engaging in PvP battles with players all over the world. The turn-based mechanics of asynchronous battles permits players to play multiple matches simultaneously. You can enjoy the never-ending terror and fun.
  • COMPETE IN ARENA MODE: Feeling a bit antsy along with competitive tendencies? Then experience the real-time mayhem of the arena mode as well. Assert dominance via strategic superiority in real-time battle. Why wait when you guys can win?
  • PLAY WHEREVER YOU WANT: Take your worst fears with you wherever you guys go through cross-platform capabilities. If you prefer to dominate via PC or on the go through your mobile: just play the game your way.


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