The Best New Games for Android This Week

This week we have got point-and-click adventures, rogue-lite auto-chess mash-ups, and long-range murder simulators. So if you guys fancy any of those, then you’re definitely going to be in luck as well. You guys have to read this article to know all about The Best New Games for Android This Week. Let’s now start!

You guys can click on the names of the games below in order to download them from the Play Store. Unless otherwise noted, they are premium. And if you guys have spotted a new game that you guys think deserves some love. Just make sure you guys let us know about it in the comments section.

The Best New Games for Android This Week

Unreal Life

Unreal Life, the famous indie game along with such accolades as the “New Faces Award” from the Japan Media Arts Festival, is now finally available on iPhone as well as iPad! This is also one of the first titles from the indie game label “Yokaze”. That brings you games that draw you in their world along with their atmosphere and emotional experiences.

  • Just control the girl called Hal and also explore a beautiful pixel-art world
  • Hal can actually read the memories of the things she touches
  • Just compare memories and the present to solve puzzles
  • There are actually four different endings to the story
  • Your actions will also influence the ending


Legal Dungeon

Legal Dungeon is basically a game about organizing Police Investigation Documents. The player must review and give an Investigation Verdict on reports ranging from petty theft to murder, in eight different criminal cases as well. Legal Dungeon will also teach players that apprehending and punishing criminals is the really essence of Public Safety. Players will quickly become experts in revealing true criminals as well.

The game basically comes complete along with 14 multiple endings and 6 Achievements for the players in order to unlock. Weigh the value of people’s lives in order to unlock all the collectibles. The game is also home to a cute in-game Screen Mate shop as well!


Pixel Shooter Infinity | New Games

  • A simple and exhilarating 2D shoot’em up the game along with a minimalistic pixel art style.
  • Take control of an ever-improving space ship as well as take down a full of enemies.
  • With Google Play Services support, you guys can compete along with players from around the world!
  • Along with simple one-handed controls, you guys can control your spaceship in any direction.
  • Just drag the screen to move your ship and shoot automatically. Shots consume energy, so you’ll also have to stop moving and recharge before you run out of energy.
  • Jus prevent enemy attacks by using both movement and charge as well.


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Hitman Sniper: The Shadows

Enter the hidden world of assassination and then become The Shadows, a team of highly-skilled snipers. Just embark on globetrotting assignments, eliminate targets along with stealth and creativity. Just engage in fierce competition and build your reputation as the International Contract Agency (ICA) Elite Agents as well!

  • Just use skill and strategy in order to compete against many other players.
  • Just build your team of assassins. Each agent has their own backstory, rifle, as well as abilities. That permits you guys more freedom and flexibility in how you approach each contract as well.
  • Just complete assignments around the globe.
  • New maps. Multiple vantage points. Also, different times of the day.


Irregular Recruits | New Games

Just conquer the Battlegrounds with a Cat Summoner, Necromancer Wizard. As well as Magic Dwarf Warrior in this premium offline roguelike deck builder game along with RPG elements. Irregular Recruits just combines deck builders along with auto chess strategy. Along with the unique twist that your army is your life total – whenever your recruits die they are lost forever, and when your army is dead, so are you guys!

  • Roguelike gameplay, where unit death is permanent actually
  • Hire more than 200 different recruits in order to assemble an unstoppable army
  • Auto-resolving combat for fast-paced tactical battles as well
  • Level up your commander in order to unlock special powers
  • You can explore the Cinder Lands with unusual events, friends, and enemies
  • Just unlock 8 Commanders for your army. All with different abilities as well as starting recruits
  • Great for offline play as well
  • A true indie game made by one passionate player or developer



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