Netflix Acquires Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales Developer Next Games

Netflix has also been pushing into the gaming sector for a while now. Last year saw the launch of the gaming side of its subscription service, and now it is also made another move – acquiring Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales dev Next Games as well. You guys can read this article to know all about Netflix Acquires Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales Developer Next Games. Let’s now start!

The acquisition was basically announced in a blog post over on Netflix’s official site, and you guys can also give it a little read via clicking right here. So, alongside Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales, Next Games also has worked on a couple of Walking Dead mobile titles as well. The purchase will likely bring many more interesting experiences to the Netflix mobile gaming library. Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales isn’t just perfect, however, when it taps it’s an awful lot of fun.

Netflix Acquires Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales Developer Next Games

Because games that actually come out on Netflix don’t have IAPs as well as adverts. Then there’s scope for Next Games in order to make something pretty darn special That is always a good thing actually.

If this is the end of Netflix’s purchasing remains to be seen, however, we’ll let you know more as and whenever we hear it. Hopefully, the future is just really bright for gamers. Along with a Netflix subscription and also a low attention threshold as well.

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Collect Characters
Collect 50+ different versions of your favorite Stranger Things characters since they have grown and evolved via seasons 1-4.

Build the Perfect team
Recruit your gang strategically that is based on their supernatural abilities. Level them up along with new powers to build an unstoppable team.

Enjoy the Immersive Story-Driven Experience
Discover new, original and exclusive Stranger Things storylines enriched. Along with Puzzle RPG gameplay based in the mystery-stricken town of Hawkins, Indiana.

Master your Power
Collect and upgrade your gear and also tools as you complete mysterious quests and just earn rewards. In order to enhance and master your new supernatural capabilities as well.

Fight Unique Monsters
Quest your way through battles against the Demogorgon, also the Mind Flayer, and also many other recognizable monsters from the Stranger Things Universe as well as hundreds of new supernatural monsters. That you’ve never seen in the show before in this new Puzzle RPG as well!

Experience Iconic Locations from the Show
Just uncover supernatural mysteries in Hawkins National Laboratory, Starcourt Mall, Palace Arcade as well as other iconic Stranger Things locations.

Explore Roguelike Missions
Enter the portal to the Upside-Down and face supernatural obstacles as well as monsters in ever-changing Stranger Things locations. How far will you guys go on this roguelike journey?

Generate Non-Stop idle Rewards
Progress whenever you’re idle in this match-3 Puzzle RPG. Earn free idle coins, idle XPS, and also idle resources between sessions. New idle rewards are generated each and every minute and are waiting to be collected!

Get Nostalgic
You can return to the 80s through this Official Netflix Stranger Things Puzzle RPG. Along with its unique ‘1980’s Saturday morning cartoon’ nostalgic art style as well as visual references.


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