Kombinera is a new Puzzle Platformer From Atari, Launching in April

Well, Atari has now unveiled a brand new platform puzzler that’s all set to launch on the Play Store next month. It is actually called Kombinera and it also involves bouncing multi-colored balls around obstacle-filled levels. The twist – there is always a twist nowadays right. The twist is that you guys are controlling all of the balls at the same time. And your end goal is just combining them all together. You have to read this article to know about Kombinera is a new Puzzle-Platformer From Atari, Launching in April. Let’s begin!

It actually looks like it’s going to be one of those games that take fiendishness as well as head-scratching to new levels. Now feels just like the perfect time to watch a trailer, so let’s now do that, shall we?

Kombinera is a new Puzzle-Platformer From Atari, Launching April

Balls of different colors have different special skills that you guys will have to use before you combine them. And there are going to be 300 different levels in order to work your way through. That’s a lot of levels too. Kombinera is set to land on the Play Store, among many other places, in April. You guys can find out more about the game via checking out its official website right here.

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  • All balls move in unison, which requires creative problem solving and also a well-thought-out plan.
  • Merge all balls together in order to complete levels.
  • Different balls have now special abilities, needed to traverse as well as overcome obstacles.
  • Really simple and accessible in order to pick up, however, the puzzles grow more diabolical as you progress!
  • Progress via 300 increasingly complex puzzles as well.
  • Encounter new hazards as well as abilities.
  • Master previous levels in order to achieve the best times.
  • Grab collectibles in order to unlock new levels
  • Vibrant neon visual style accompanied via electronic audio tracks.
  • In-depth, complex, and also the heart-tugging emotional storyline.
  • Accessible controls as well.


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