Honkai: Star Rail is Looking for Long-Term Beta Testers

Last week in a tweet, MiHoYo said that they are looking for a beta tester for its upcoming space train RPG Honkai: Star Rail. Honkai: Star Rail is an all-new strategy-RPG title in the Honkai series. It takes players on a cosmic adventure all across the stars as well. You have to read this article to know all about Honkai: Star Rail. Let’s begin!

Honkai: Star Rail is Looking for Long-Term Beta Testers

MiHoYo said in a tweet last week that they are looking for a beta tester. More than that, it actually looking for recruits in the Galaxy Explorer Program. Let’s now have a look at that tweet.

This program will allow the players, they can use different types of play along with different types of mechanics and modes as well. They can also test in order to see how it actually works, just like a crowd-sourced QA. These tests are pretty small and specific actually. We don’t really get the chance to share anything from the game that we play. You can say that it is a really strict patrol actually.

For more information about Star Rail, you can click here and learn how to sign up for the Galaxy explorer Program. We will tell you more about it when we hear something else.

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Honkai: Star Rail Game

Honkai Star Rail is actually a new game from the creators of Genshin Impact. The game has a few similarities like Genshin Impact. Such as the character view menu, quest menu, as well as dialogue windows. Character leveling also works in the same way, you can use three types of resources along with different experiences.

There are different elements of characters in this too. Such as Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Physical, Quantum, and Imaginary as well. There is also an option available to increase their level up to 100 LVL.


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