Thirsty Heroes is an Upcoming Dungeon Crawling Tavern Sim

We all love a good dungeon crawler. And we all love a good tavern. So any game that basically combines those two things together is going to pique our interest. Oh, and look, here’s Thirsty Heroes. You guys have to read this article to know all about Thirsty Heroes is an Upcoming Dungeon Crawling Tavern Sim. Let’s now begin!

The game is currently running a Kickstarter (it’s already 180% funded, so that’s pretty good), and is being developed via Bit By Bit Studios. It seems you guys building a deck, fighting monsters, and running an alehouse as well. It’s apparently designed to have a really low barrier for entry, along with tweakable difficulty letting you set the level of challenge you guys want to face. So, here’s a trailer.

Thirsty Heroes is an Upcoming Dungeon Crawling Tavern Sim

You’ll hire heroes by earning their trust at the bar, that just sounds a lot like our life a few years back. You’ll guys find dungeons, send out your heroes, battle foes as well as suck up some loot. There are actually shades of a bunch of different genres here, all wrapped up in a warm-hearted package. That basically looks like it’s designed to keep a big ol’ smile on your chops actually.

If you guys want to find out more about Thirsty Heroes, you can tap here in order to check out the game’s Kickstarter. And no, it’s not about horny warriors, before you guys ask.

Thirsty Heroes is basically an approachable dungeon crawler as well as a tavern sim. Along with deckbuilding combat for PC, Mobile, and Nintendo Switch, which is releasing in 2023. We’ve also designed a dungeon crawler for players who really prefer management and strategy. Rather than active combat, along with simplified RPG elements. So the game is approachable whether you guys are a seasoned veteran or newcomer to the genre.

Years of part-time development have gotten us to a playable alpha state, now we actually need your help in order to work full-time and just get this game finished!

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Manage a Squad of Heroes | Dungeon Crawling

Hire patrons for dungeon-crawling via earning their trust at the tavern bar.  Just serve empowering drinks, negotiate pay rates, and leverage profits in order to upgrade your heroes as well as facilities. All while satisfying the King’s demands as well.

Well, if managing your own kingdom weren’t difficult enough, the neighboring realm’s princess has then ascended to the throne and her first acts as Empress have been… concerning.  Time will then tell if she’s a friend or foe.

Gameplay Loop | Dungeon Crawling

Well, controlling your squad from within the tavern, you guys will recruit heroes, scout for dungeons, also research the dungeons to identify weaknesses. Then crawl the dungeons using heroes suited in order to exploit those weaknesses as well.

Then use the profit from your adventures in order to upgrade the castle and appease the King!


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