Applications Open for Closed Beta of JRPG Alice Fiction

Basically what the headline actually says. Alice Fiction, an upcoming mobile JRPG being developed via WonderPlanet Inc is now looking for beta testers ahead of the global launch. And you guys can sign up right now. The game basically seems to involve AI as well as shenanigans and a lot of scraps and all sorts of other stuff. Here’s a trailer that may or may not really explain some of what’s happening. You guys have to read this article to know all about Applications Open for Closed Beta of JRPG Alice Fiction. Let’s now start!

Applications Open for Closed Beta of JRPG Alice Fiction

There are definitely going to be fights in the game, we also know that for sure. So here’s actually another trailer that basically shows off what one of those is going to be like. In our measured opinion, the very best word for it is – bonkers as well.

You guys can also find out a bit more about Alice Fiction at its official website right here. There’s also a Discord server where you guys can join as well. If that’s the sort of thing you guys are into.

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And if you’d like to sign up for the closed beta, then you can do that via clicking right here. The registration period runs until March 10th, so you guys have got a while to do it. The game is now all set to launch all over the world this summer.

Caution for participation in the closed beta test | Closed Beta of JRPG

All user data, acquired in-game currency, items, as well. The closed beta test period will then delete after the test ends actually. We, cannot transfer this data to the official service actually.

  • We ask for your active cooperation in playing the closed beta test as well as answering questionnaires.
  • The recruitment or hosting period and contents of the closed beta test may also change without prior notice.
  • You will not be able to purchase any paid items during the closed beta test as well.
  • During the closed beta test, there are also some malfunctions in operation and display, that we don’t expect. In the event of any malfunction as well as damage to the hardware, etc. The Company will not compensate or indemnify to the extent that it does not violate any laws or regulations as well. Participants shall participate in the closed beta test at their own risk as well.
  • Temporary maintenance may also conduct without even prior notice during the beta test period.
  • No individual support will be provided for problems that may also occur in the game during the beta test. We may not always be able to give official answers to bugs and requests. However, we will also check all the contents and use them as references.


  • The service contents of the closed beta test may also differ from the contents after the official release.
  • If it is found that an applicant/participant of the closed beta, then the test has violated these application conditions or the terms of use. Their application/participation will also invalidate.
  • If the email address, as well as OS, enter at the time of application for the closed beta test changes. Then the applicant will not really be able to participate in the test.
  • Also, the results of the closed beta test lottery will not be announced individually. Also, note that the lottery method will not be announced individually too.
  • The right to participate in the closed beta test is actually the sole property of the selected participant, and may not be transferred as well as exchanged for cash.
  • Whenever participating in the closed beta test. Then it will require you to agree to the terms of use separately in the game as well.


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