Chiki’s Chase Open Beta Testing Available

Chiki’s Chase is now looking for Beta Testing Help for their release. If you want to make a game in a genre like oversaturated as the side-scrolling runner. Then you should come up with interesting and great mechanics that will help you stand. David Fu and their friend, the developer of the game, got the message since this is exactly what they are about to do with the upcoming Chiki’s Chase. You have to read this article to know all about Chiki’s Chase Open Beta Testing Availablity.

Chiki’s Chase Open Beta Testing Available

There are also a few additions to the running and jumping parts, you will have the ability to attack now. This is why I would classify this game as an “action runner”. I found the shooting mechanics pretty interesting since it also bends in the jumping and running side as well. You can do both shoot projectiles as well as bop the enemies on their heads.

Firing your projectiles actually keeps you airborne for a long time, just like the legendary Downwell. So not only does it help you to jump or double jump but even you can also triple jump along with the right power. When you guys fire off with your limited ammunition, then you can also float horizontally.

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The game used the right side for the firing control scheme and from the left side, you can use the screen for jumping. There is a lot of inspiration from the Downwell. At the core, you will say that it is a “how far can you go” type of game but at the intervals you will run across shopkeeper. He will offer you 1 to 3 different types of power-ups. These power-ups will actually help you in the running that you will keep for the duration of your run. The longer you survive, the more shops you can hit as well as the more power-ups you can get.

About Chiki’s Chase

This game sound pretty good to me since you can sort of “get in the zone” and then perform some actions as well. Chiki’s Chase was released back in 2018, that is 4 years ago exactly as of this past weekend. They said that in their Twitter account, you can check the tweet by clicking here. The team is actually working on the full complete version of the game since then, probably the release is gonna come very soon in the future.

They are looking for folks’ feedback about the game, so If you guys want to take part in that. Then you can click here. This is the game’s website link and you guys will also find the Android and iOS test version links as well. There is no release date yet mentioned, but the current target is spring 2022. However, according to David Fu on Twitter, it is a “done when it’s done” situation. Spring is just around the corner, so we are looking forward to the release date.


This game sound so great and we are eagerly waiting for its launch. Make sure to check the early versions too, the link is provided above. You can click and help them shape the final version of the Chiki’s Chase game. So, this was all. As soon as we get to know anything new about this game, we’ll definitely tell you. For further queries and issues, you can comment down.

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