Mosaic Chronicles Mobile Review

Mosaic Chronicles

Do you love puzzle games? Then Mosaic Chronicles is the best puzzle game actually. It is developed by Error 300. It is a puzzle story game inspired by Olga Gromyko’s fantasy stories. Released in August 2021, the early access version of the game is also available for players in order to play 14 out of the … Read more

Siege: Apocalypse Starter Guide

Siege: Apocalypse

At first glance, Siege: Apocalypse actually looks like a formidably complex strategy game. That basically mashes together PvP multiplayer, deck-building, as well as real-time strategy and then plunges you guys into authentic-looking battles. Fear not. KIXEYE’s hotly-anticipated War Commander spin-off is much friendlier. Then it looks, and then this handy beginner’s guide will also have … Read more