Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launch Creeping Closer in Select Countries

Well, Apex Legends Mobile actually has already had a few closed beta tests in most parts of the world. It just looks like the pocket-sized version of the brilliant battle royale is now shifting into the next stage of its launch process. That’s because pre-registration for the soft launch version of the game also has just gone live in a number of countries as well. The move was also announced in also a tweet over on Respawn’s official Twitter account. You can read this article to know all about Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launch Creeping Closer in Select Countries. Let’s begin!

The announcement actually included an image, which we’re going to stick at the end of the paragraph. That basically explains where the soft launch is soft launching. Get ready, now here it comes. In case you guys don’t really like reading pictures, here’s the gist. You can also pre-register for the soft launch on Google Play. If you live in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, also Peru, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

If you guys live in one of those places or also can convince the game you do, you can then tap here in order to pre-register at the Play Store. Also, if you don’t, then you guys are just going to have to wait, we’re afraid. We’ll let you know when we actually get any more information. Just like when the soft launch actually launches, and when you guys can expect to get your hands on the game in many other parts of the world.

Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launch Creeping Closer in Select Countries

Multiplayer squads, first-person as well as third-person shooter gameplay, and also innovative combat are also waiting for you guys on the battlefield! Jump into intense combat where survival is actually the only thing that matters. You can also prove that you have what it takes to make it out alive.

Well, legends from all corners of the Frontier have flocked in order to compete in the Apex Games for fame, fortune, as well as glory. You can choose your Legend from a diverse lineup of outlaws, soldiers, misfits, and misanthropes. Legends such as Wraith, Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibraltar, and also Lifeline await. Strategy is key whenever making your selection. You can also find a hero that matches your play style, just customize them with unique skins, and then leave your mark as well.

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Fast-paced innovative combat along with shorter matches and much more exhilarating action! Squad up along with two other players and combine your skill sets in order to create the ultimate team. Battle against 19 other squads in 60-person battle royale games as well.

Master your legend’s abilities and then make strategic calls as chaos ensues. Combat comes along with new, innovative features. Such as Jumpmaster Deployments in order to create epic flights—and also fights.



  • You can explore a growing roster of powerful Legends
  • Select from a diverse cast of characters in order to find a hero that fits your play style
  • Legends have also their own unique personality, strengths, and abilities
  • Immerse yourself in a universe along with deep storylines and also character profiles
  • Also, customize your favorite Legends along with unique skins in order to express yourself and stand out


  • Just select your Legend and team up along with two other players
  • Also, combine your unique skills to be the last squad standing
  • You can join forces with friends and players alike to master team roles as well as dominate the game


  • Fast-paced battles utilize shorter matches and much more exhilarating gameplay
  • Just communicate like a pro and stay in the action along with the Smart Comms ping system
  • Blast your way to victory along with the most elite loadout of guns in any shooter as well


  • Master your Legend’s abilities as well
  • Also, make strategic calls at a moment’s notice
  • The strategy will be important for taking advantage of each and every Legend’s unique strengths
  • You can also decide when to unleash a unique arsenal of exotic weaponry, equipment, and abilities
  • Also, optimized UI and control systems amplify the mobile experience as well


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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