Angry Birds Journey is Available Worldwide

There is a new Angry Birds game out on the Play Store actually. It’s actually called Angry Birds Journey, and if you guys are the sort of person that still likes to play Angry Birds games, you guys are probably going to love it. If you’re not, then well, that’s okay.

The game basically features the usual pull-and-release slingshot gameplay that we have come to expect. It’s really faster-paced this time around, though, along with a focus on smashing certain things rather than smashing each and everything. There’s still a roster of different birds along with different skills. However, you have to use what you’re given rather than switching between your stack. You guys have got special powers as well.

There’s an inevitable stamina system that also does get in the way when you’ve run out of the full day of free stamina. That game provides you at the start, and there’s also nothing here you haven’t seen before. However, that’s not what the game is trying to do. It’s actually a saccharine blast of mobile gaming nonsense, and if that’s what you guys are after it’s going to tick all of the right boxes actually. You can tap on here in order to download Angry Birds Journey from the Play Store. It’s free of cost, along with IAP.

Angry Birds Journey

Fling birds along with the slingshot, and topple towers in order to solve puzzles. And also rescue adorable Hatchlings in this casual and easygoing slingshot game. Just relax and unwind along with the most fun and approachable Angry Birds game yet! Unite fireflies along with their soulmates and then solve many other dynamic puzzles.


  • really easy to pick up and play anytime!
  • Solve relaxing as well as fun puzzles!
  • You can play hundreds of exciting levels!
  • Casual fun at almost every level!
  • Also, complete levels in order to collect coins and win great rewards!
  • Just play with all of the classic Angry Birds characters and NEW ones!
  • You explore exotic locations on a grand adventure!
  • You can follow the unfolding story of the Egg Wonders!


In each level, you guys come across three structures, each along with some pigs in it. One of the things that we miss is the tap to activate special powers. That feature the older games in the franchise had. However, in this game, the powers get activated on their own. The game still has a stamina system so whenever playing the game continuously for longer. Then your gaming might get disrupted if you guys run out of stamina. At the start, you guys have infinite stamina.

Well, rounding out the core gameplay is actually the variety of birds you both play and seek in order to free from your enemies. Five main species randomly rotate in your slingshot along with varying effects. Such as exploring, diving straight down, et cetera as well. Also, releasing the birds is slightly more complicated than just knocking down walls, though. Different birds need specific means of freedom. Such as having to touch the sky as well as the floor first. As a result, there is actually a minimal yet satisfying amount of variety in required tactics. 

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Even though the levels aren’t specifically difficult, it never quite feels just like you’re on autopilot. But, there are up to 250 different courses along with more to launch soon. So that may not always be the case actually.

All in all, Angry Birds Journey is a really fun time. The addictive gameplay is as good as it actually gets and the sheer number of levels gives secure longevity. Kids and pre-teens will also enjoy the silly characters and light puzzle mechanics. Also, even if older gamers are unamused. Angry Birds is bound in order to stay within the pop culture lexicon for some time, and every entry won’t be revolutionary as well. For those who also want more of the same, just look no further! Many times that is all anyone really wants.


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